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This part of the documentation will guide you through an installation of Shout using Docker.

Please follow these instructions on how to install Docker (or boot2docker) on your system. Then follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Clone the Shout repository:

$ git clone
$ cd shout

Step 2:

Build a Docker image according to our Dockerfile and name it shout-img:

$ docker build --tag=shout-img .

Step 3:

Verify that the image has been created:

$ docker images
REPOSITORY         TAG        IMAGE ID         CREATED          VIRTUAL SIZE
shout-img          latest     95da6797223b     9 minutes ago    833.1 M

Step 4:

Create a new container named shout from the shout-img image and run the app in it:

$ docker run --name=shout --publish=9000:9000 --detach --tty shout-img

Step 5:

Verify that the container is running:

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID     IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED         STATUS         PORTS                    NAMES
bf0a83b7cc07     shout-img:latest    /bin/sh -c shout    8 minutes ago   Up 8 minutes>9000/tcp   shout

Step 6:

Shout should now be running on http://localhost:9000/.

If you’re using boot2docker, run $ boot2docker ip to find out which address it’s using.


To stop the Docker container:

$ docker stop shout

.. and to start it again:

$ docker start shout


If you’ve want to remove your Docker container:

$ docker stop shout
$ docker rm shout

Note: This will remove the container and all your users inside.