This document will explain how to install Shout on Heroku. If you want to learn about Heroku you should read their documentation.

Okay, let’s get down to business:

Step 1:

Begin by logging in with the Heroku toolbelt:

$ heroku login

Step 2:

Clone and run the npm install:

$ git clone
$ cd shout
$ npm install

Step 3:

While standing in the shout/ directory, run:

heroku create

Step 4: (optional)

This step is only useful if you want to run Shout with users accounts.

Create a Procfile and edit the content to look like this:

web: node index --private --home /app

You can read more about Procfiles here.

To create users, stand in the shout/ directory and call this:

$ ./index.js --home . add <username>

Step 5:

Time to publish to Heroku!

If you’ve made any changes to the repository (like adding users or the Profile), don’t forget to save the changes with git:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Added Heroku files"

And with that done, lets go ahead and push to Heroku:

$ git push heroku