Check out The Lounge, which is an actively maintained fork of Shout.



This document will explain how to install Shout on Phusion Passenger. You can find out more about Passenger at their website.

Step 1:

Install Passenger.

Step 2:

Clone and run the npm install:

$ git clone
$ cd shout
$ npm install

Step 3:

Add a link from index.js to app.js (Passenger requires an app.js file):

ln index.js app.js

Step 4:

Add the server configuration to NGINX (example, change the user/group/server_name to something appropriate):

server {
        listen 80;
        listen 443 ssl;
        root <directory you cloned Shout to>;

        ssl_certificate <SSL cert>;
        ssl_certificate_key <SSL key>;

        passenger_enabled on;

        passenger_user shout;
        passenger_group shout;
        passenger_nodejs /usr/bin/node;
        passenger_app_root <same as root>;

Or Apache:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot <directory you cloned Shout to>
    PassengerRoot <directory you cloned Shout to>
    PassengerUser shout
    PassengerGroup shout
    PassengerAppRoot <same as previous>

Step 5:

Restart your web server (Apache/NGINX) and check to see if it works!